Shutdown and Turnaround Services

Shutdown management can be a resource-intensive activity to complete but is periodically necessary for a plant’s proper maintenance work. Great effort and planning are required to complete it effectively and efficiently. Mountain West Valve is your trusted partner to manage plant shutdown in a cost effective manner. We believe that our customer’s objectives are the number one priority and must be met with very strict timetables in mind, ensuring minimal disruptions to the facility’s operations. We understand that time lost is money lost and inefficient planning of shutdown maintenance impacts both.

Our team of technicians and engineers can be trusted to take great care of your equipment and will work hand in hand with your management team to evaluate what valves are in need of maintenance or repair. MWV makes sure all maintenance and repair is done to your exacting requirements during the turnaround by pre-inspecting the valves, providing reports and then discussing the findings with your team.

Environmental concerns, needed equipment, technician scheduling and parts procurement are discussed as part of the scope of the shutdown.

During the shutdown, MWV’s technicians perform the dispositioning, cleaning, machining, polishing, assembly and testing of control, block and gate valves from various manufacturers. 

With Mountain West Valve, you can plan your next plant shutdown with confidence. Please contact our office for more information about specific capabilities or to discuss your repair needs. 

Our Shutdown Management Service includes:

  • Function – We utilize air pressure to set the stroke and benchset of the valve, ensuring that it’s responding as it should.  
  • CV leak – Any possible leakage through the seats is measured by putting air pressure into the sealed valve body. 
  • Hydro-testing - We test for further possible leakage by bolting on flanges to seal the body of the valve and pump water and air into it, up to a pressure of 1.5 times of the valve’s rating for five minutes.  
  • Profiler Diagnostic – We perform an overall health check of the valve including the control signal, position, pressures and friction. All diagnostic information is documented and plotted graphically.