Oxygen Cleaning

Components intended for use within an oxygen-enriched environment must adhere to stringent cleanliness requirements. In case of contamination, the increased friction caused by any oils, dirt, sand, etc. can potentially be a source of ignition, which may cause a costly and unsafe combustion or unacceptable product purity. 

Mountain West Valve offers safe and expert removal of combustible contaminates from the surface of equipment or components in oxygen service, or other services that require an environment free from outside contaminates. 

Contaminates that we remove, include, but are not limited to, organic and inorganic materials such as oils and greases, paper, fiber, coal dust, solvents, weld slag, rust and dirt. These substances contain residual hydrocarbons and particles that when exposed to oxygen-rich environments, can result in a combustible reaction or burn. Regular cleaning of these components isn’t just necessary to ensure a safe combustion; it also enhances the lifetime of the equipment by reducing erosion. 

In order to accommodate this unique and specific cleaning process, we have built an Oxygen Clean Room to remove hazardous contaminants from a variety of components. Our years of extensive experience and expertise afford us the know-how to meet any customer requirements. Our technicians ensure that all particles and residue that may cause friction and ignition sources in moving parts are eliminated, by utilizing wiping, flushing, and immersion techniques to fully clean these items. Because technical cleanliness verification with analytical methods is a vital part of our superior quality effort, we also include a post service inspection to ensure contaminates are within acceptable levels of residue for specific client needs. We use visual and physical inspection in direct and UV light on the components to detect contamination and verify that the surface is clean enough to safely be used in its intended environment. 

After inspection and testing, the items are double bag sealed in accordance with industry standards and specially labeled for our clients’ facility needs to preserve cleanliness.

With Mountain West Valve, you can rest assured your equipment is cleaned in a cost-effective and efficient way. Please contact our office for more information about specific capabilities or to discuss your 02 cleaning needs.